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Emma was out on the strip and dressed up ready  to  get  some on the evening when  I met her. After I got speaking with her she admitted to  actually be  quite a timid girl, but  even so she took on the challenge to ‘flaunt it!’  only for the next video. In return for her agreement, I made sure that I would certainly take my time with her photo shoot and be sure that she was comfortable and would likely find the experience a good one (as always of course!). I was shocked to learn on the day of the blast when she explained to me that she usually she didn’t even stroll around on the shore in her swimsuit however here she was nude and bold enough to go further than that! I made her feel so good and relaxed, that  after  the photo  shoot, we had a little fun of our own.

Emma is a sexy babe with quite the hot and sexy body to display and she’s never shay about it as you can probably tell. Today she was wearing her super sexy black bikini and she was going to do a nice little posing session for you guys and the cameras like we said. We cannot stress enough the fact that this gorgeous babe looked super sexy when she started off her show and we think that you will agree. So just sit back, enjoy the show and watch this cutie pose for you, and see her removing her bikini bra to expose her perky all natural tits on cam as well.

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