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Toni and Katie

Toni and Katie are a pair of BFF blondes that do everything together. Initially, we only approached Toni as she was alone on the beach sunbathing, but when we asked if she’d like to pose topless, she asked in return if her best friend Katie can join her. And why would we turn down a chance to shoot two pairs of perfect perky boobs today! These two from our experience seemed to be an item or used to be at least. They were extremely touchy one with another and keep on hugging and make all these kinky jokes while taking the photos, not so friendly more like lovers. But we didn’t mind at all, because all of these meant more action for you guys. Both blondes, hot and wanting an excuse to get wild in public. We didn’t have to ask them to take off their bras because they were already taking them off. Then the real fun begun. They started taking dirty and touching each other’s hot body slowly getting closer and closer one another until they started rubbing their boobs. Not friend like at all. Enjoy it it’s hot!


 See these babes pressing their boobs against each other!