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Uriana for you

In today’s gallery update we have lovely Uriana posing for us. She’s a teen college student that traveled to the US recently on a vacation. And she was here on the beach just sunbathing. Well she caught our eyes with her cute face and when we moved closer, we saw that we just had to photograph her and her beautiful perky breasts. Isn’t she just a cutie. It would have been a real waste to walk away without taking some pictures and I’m sure she liked it as well, now she got some funny stories to tell at home. Uriana was shy and didn’t want any topless picture because she was afraid someone from home could see her and got the wrong idea. In this case we agreed with some ordinary pictures.But what Uriana doesn’t know it that we got some pictures of her topless as well. when she didn’t look we took a few, ok the wind helped us a bit. we got the pics when she was running after her hat. We really hope she won’t be too mad, but sincerely we didn’t want to miss such a view. So enjoy it and see you next time!


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