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Smargada & Elli

For today we have another killer duo posing for ugotitflauntit , and their names are Smargada and Elli. These two hot chicks actually approached us as were almost done with our previous shoot. Well suffice to say that today we had a double whammy sort of speak. Smargada and Eli were taking a walk on the beach when they show us taking pictures of other girls. Of course that seemed so interesting that they had to ask at least what was going on. At first the gals thought we were casting for a contest or something, but after they heard our challenge they accepted anyway. We even had the chance to convince them to pose topless but once they heard everyone would see these pictures to stayed with their swim suits on. But this is still a hot picture, right?  Just look at those amazing body, those delicious curves and those big tits. If we couldn’t undress them we at least can imagine what they would look like naked…well in my head they look kind of amazing. What about in yours? Anyway enjoy these two hot teens teasing the camera with their sexy bodies.


Enjoy watching these hot teens teasing with the cam!