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Scherelle’s photo shooting

Today, we have a very special gallery with a very special lady posing for your enjoyment this time. Her name is Scherelle and she’s a blonde bombshell with a perky and cute pair of breasts. And she’s got them out for the occasion just to show them off to you in all their glory. We caught Sherelle by surprise we just wanted to get her expression when she first heard about our little challenge and it was that couldn’t be described in words. so this is how she reacted when we told her about the topless session and it’s the nicest face but after we talked her thru the challenge step by step she cooled down a bit and agreed to take a few extra pictures for you guys. It would have been such a waste to keep those killer knockers away from the camera and hidden underneath her tiny bra. So don’t her posing sexy and playing with her huge juggs for you guys only. So enjoy her treating you to a very nice view of her lady parts.


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