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Lacey Banghard takes off her bra

In today’s video and photo update, we have lovely Lacey. A blonde hottie that’s all about showing off her womanly assets according to her. And good thing too since we got the chance to catch her awesome boobs on camera for you guys to enjoy too. She did say that she always wanted to try something like this and we can safely say she does have a great body to start modeling. But beside that great body Lacey has the face to go with is as well. We always had a thing with sexy blondes, because we know how much you like them. We found Lacey doing her yoga on an empty part of the beach. She was already without a bra so this made our job even easier than before. but we still didn’t knew how to talk with her, after a while she noticed us and smiled as us. Well from there we didn’t have to much work at convincing her to pose topless. And here is the result! The sensual blonde Lacey is showing you all her assets, her amazing body, delicious curves and perfect tits. Enjoy this and see you next time with more!


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